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What Color should my bedroom be?

Posted on: August 30, 2010


My room in the mountains

My bedroom in the mountains is pink and I love it but the one in the city  hasn’t been changed for like 10 years now, I wasn’t really taking care of it because I was outside the country but now that I’m back i felt it needed some renovation like new bedsheets and a new layout!

I’m gonna use feng shui for help and request your opinion  as well. The most thing I’m focusing on is the color.

In feng shui the color

Pink is considered to be one of the best colors for the bedroom because it is the color associated with relationships. Pink is also thought of as an auspicious color combining the fire/ passion of red and the metal element of white. Pink represents love and pure feelings of joy, happiness, and romance.
Light blues and light greens are positive colors for a bedroom as well as small accent colors of red.
 Green represents tranquility, hope and freshness as seen in spring growth or that of a new plant or leaf.
The color peach aligns with “Peach Blossom Luck,” which represents attraction and love. A person that is single with peach blossom luck will be outgoing, social, make new friends and have numerous admirers. However, once married, consider painting the bedroom a different color as it can lead to adultery.
Ken Lauher typically doesn’t recommend chocolate brown in the bedroom as it can give a heavy feeling. Some believe that it can be used to create a stable, established impression, I equate it to autumn, when leaves turn brown and fall to the ground.
Many Chinese stay away from having white blankets on their beds because it is similar to the shroud that covers the dead and fear sleep will seem like death. Although, plain white sheets or white sheets with flowers or colorful designs are fine.


The use of pink or red sheets and blankets are used by those seeking to get married or by newlyweds to ensure wedding bliss.

So now that I got the whole idea about what each color stands for and knowing that pink is the best color for a bedroom i’m going to focus on that!…. Pink it is!!


2 Responses to "What Color should my bedroom be?"

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I would definitely go with a light colour 🙂

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