Miss Farah

Miss Farah loves her Morning Drive to Work!

Posted on: September 4, 2010

Frankly, I’m not a morning person! But for the first time in my life I was actually looking forward to the drive on my way to work, I mean who wouldn’t! The scenery that was surrounding me was breathtaking….simply amazing! Imagine my school is up there between those houses on the mountain…. It’s a 40 minute drive from my home but definitely worth it…

Everyone was so friendly and i got to see my classroom! It was so cute i’ll be taking pictures next week for sure when I start working on it.

Mornings are very important so we can have a fresh start of the day!

To have a great and relaxing  morning this is what you should do:

– Sleep early

– wake up and stretch a bit

– Have breakfast and coffee

– Put soft music in your car on your way to work. Sometimes I like to listen to the morning shows on the radio so I can be updated about the news, weather, events, and the gossips 🙂

And then your set for the day! Remember always stay positive !


3 Responses to "Miss Farah loves her Morning Drive to Work!"

Scenery? 40 minutes drive? Music? Good weather?

You need a cabrio my friend 😀

I have a sun roof does that count? 😛

Sure but a cabrio is a totally different experience 😉

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