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Miley Cyrus Ruined My Daughter’s Name!

Posted on: September 5, 2010

Saw this post at Parent Dish and it grabbed my attention

In 1994, my husband and I had a daughter and named her Miley Elizabeth. Even though she was named way before people even heard of Miley Cyrus, people keep insisting that she was named after her and call her mean names because they do not like the Cyrus kid. My daughter hates her name now and wants to change it. I suggested we call her by her middle name but in our area there are a lot of girls named Elizabeth and pretty much any nickname for Elizabeth has been taken. She wants to change her name to Zarya because no one has that name and it means princess. Should we let her? I personally do not like the name Zarya and the name Miley Elizabeth means so much to my husband and me.

– Miley’s Mom

The name lady replies:

Ah, your poor daughter! There she was, all set with a creative, unusual name that put a smile on people’s faces, when a celebrity came along and stole it right out from under her.Whether you love Miley Cyrus or loathe her, you have to admit that she has taken control of the name Miley. For a baby born today, that shouldn’t be a big problem. The girl will grow up in a world full of Mileys, Kileys and Brileys. But for a young lady the same age as Ms. Cyrus, it’s a blow to her personal identity at an age when forging your own identity is job number one.

I appreciate that you’re taking your daughter’s name trouble seriously. This isn’t one to laugh off. But I don’t recommend legal name changes for minors on grounds of style. Just as you’d hold off on purchasing high-end shoes or sporting equipment for kids whose bodies are still growing, you should hold off on choosing new names for kids whose selves are still growing.

For the time being, let your daughter choose any nickname or alter ego she likes. The legal change, though, can wait until she’s a legal adult. By that time she’ll have had the chance to try on more identities, and will have a better sense of whether Zarya, or princess, really fits — or whether Miley might become “hers” again after all.

Did you ever regret your name? Share your experiences here.


7 Responses to "Miley Cyrus Ruined My Daughter’s Name!"

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Sit your daughter down and say, “Listen, at least we didn’t name you Lindsay.”

that’s a good one Scott 😛

she shouldn’t change her name because if they teased her then she changed her name their going to think she’s insecure and they can alway’s change her and if you waste the money to change it then they won’t like that name and then well she shouldn’t change her name I HOPE IT WORKS OUT


I don’t even know why i am wasting my time answering this ,but i am sick and tired of you putting the Cyrus down , especially Miley, let me ask you what did Miley personally done to you and your daughter really??? completely nothing… The media causes all the publicity about Miley, the way she dress, well i got news for you ignorant people, she is and actress and a performer, she enterntain people and even now she still have followers…. what happen to do not judge people by its cover? we should love one another and pray peace to the whole world, instead of bad mouthing others…. do something and talk something useful besides Miley. and if you cannot do it… i will pray for you and your family for peace of mine…

It’s amazing that at such a young age children (who are suppodily innocent) are treating another humans this badly…It’s not fair for them to do such a thing.

From my own experiance, I used to hate my own name because it was so different. I liked Mariam..to be honest, it was because I knew a girl who was cute called by that name.

Back to the name issue…since when do we own our name? It’s diffcult to say we are unique in our name..it should be about how we make people see us…the peronsanility..I feel bad for the child..she doesn’t desvere to be treated in such a manner. I say, the mother should try boost her daughters self esteem and not agree to changing the name. Besides, Miley’s fame is doomed to fade and die…so why make her change her name..I actually like it! Don’t blame Miley!!! Blame the media!

I’m naming my son Batman, and everybody loves Batman 🙂

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