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Why is your helper doing your child’s homework??

Posted on: September 25, 2010

This is the teachers’ favvvvorite topic! Parents this is becoming a big issue nowadays and it’s like the new trend!

Everyday during dismissal half of the parents don’t show up, but who does instead? Either the nanny or the driver…If i were a parent I would do anything just to see my child‘s face at the end of the day and hug him and get into the car together and get ready to go home. Believe me it would mean the world to them!

This is one issue,,,however another issue is the homework. I had a few kids whose homework wasn’t done by them and when I asked them they would tell me my nanny did it or she is helping me with my school work. Say what????

Please note that the nannies or helpers in our community are not very well educated and their English isn’t that good. Many of my kids used to speak incorrect grammar because they used to copy their nanny.

Now that is shocking, first teachers are not sending homework for your nanny to complete it and second parents or siblings are the ones who are supposed to support.

Where is the family bonding? Where is the parent’s involvement? This just saddens me and please note that this will affect the child mentally.

4 Responses to "Why is your helper doing your child’s homework??"

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Loved it! you are so right! As much as I appreciate having the privilege in the Arab world of having nannies, their “help” should be limited. Us working moms need someone at home to help with cleaning and watching the kids a few hours while we come home. But dropping off, homework, cooking, should be a parent’s job.

One story I’d Like to share:

A co-worker once told me that she hired a teacher ( or she claims!) to spend 2 or 3 hours daily with her kids, open there books, support them with their homeworks and explain what they didn’t understand in their school day. for about 170 KD monthly…. all becuase “she said” she doesn’t have the time or the nerve to watch over her kids educational progress.

that’s becoming a business!

it is ok for parents to hire teachers to help them in school, but it’s not okay at all for parents not to watch over the kids educational progress!….Parents’ involvement is so important!

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