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Over 500,000 people are injured and 6,000 are killed every year from people using their phones or texting while driving! Staggering numbers that are not slowing down and I’m not surprised. I’m guilty of driving while on the phone and often think how distracting it really is.

Oprah is on a mission to stop the insanity. She has declared on Friday, April 30th, the first national No Phone Zone Day. I encourage everyone to seriously think about taking the pledge (I did) and spreading the news!  

Watch this video and tell me is that phone call worth it?


I was watching The Doctors Show last night and heard them discussing foods that can choke kids and especially hot dogs. Hot dogs should be always cut in to smaller pieces and all foods that are small in size and long in length.

Many parents or caregiver are cautious and careful when a child puts a toy in his mouth, however some are not aware that even food can make your child choke.

Young children may not have all their teeth or well-developed chewing skills until they are about 4 years old. In addition, children are easily distracted during eating and should not be allowed to eat while they’re on the move.

Foods you should be aware and cautious of while your child eats are:

– grapes

– hot dogs

– nuts

– chewing gum

– hard and sticky candy

– vegetables

– raisens

– popcorn

– chunk of meat and cheese


During Playtime

* Follow the age recommendations on toy packages. Any toy that is small enough to fit through a 11/4-inch circle or is smaller than 21/4 inches long is unsafe for children under 4 years old.

* Don’t allow young children to play with toys designed for older children. Teach older children to put their toys away as soon as they finish playing so young siblings can’t get them.

* Frequently check under furniture and between cushions for dangerous items young children could find, including:

  • coins
  • marbles
  • watch batteries (the ones that look like buttons)
  • pen or marker caps
  • cars with small rubber wheels that come off
  • small balls or foam balls that can be compressed to a size small enough to fit in a child’s mouth

Even if you avoid small toys and the foods I’ve mentioned above, you should know what to do if your child starts to choke. If you have a small child, consider taking a basic first aid or pediatric CPR class. You never know when you may have to act.

Sometimes only a picture can get our attention!
Her last call was from a new cell phone…
Do you see the motorcycle?

Now Do You See It?

The Honda crotch rocket rider was traveling at approximately 
85 mph. The VW driver was talking on a cell phone when she 
pulled out from a side street, apparently not seeing the 
motorcycle. The riders reaction time was not sufficient 
enough to avoid this accident.
The car had two passengers 
and the bike rider was found INSIDE the car with them.
The Volkswagen actually flipped over from the force of impact 
and landed 20 feet from where the collision took place. 

All three involved (two in the car and the bike rider) were 
killed instantly. This graphic demonstration was placed at 
the Motorcycle Fair by the Police and Road Safety Department..
Pass this on to car drivers or soon to be 
new drivers, or new motorcycle owners
A picture is worth a thousand words. 

Save a life

Stop talking on Cell phones and Texting while trying to drive. 
The life you save may be your own…or mine.


As I was on my way to school this morning  I saw our school bus and saw a couple of kids standing in the bus. I was thinking shouldn’t every kid wear a seatbelt? There are some pretty crazy drivers here and that is a big responsibility of the school that they have to take into consideration. I asked about this issue and it turned out that not all schools have seatbelts.

It’s just not right to have school buses with no seatbelts,t oo many children — too many lives — are at stake.

Parents, what do you think? Would a requirement for seat belts on buses be a waste of money? Is it even a good idea?

March 8 is now designated as the annual celebration of the political, economic and social achievements of women who continue to struggle in so many countries to live on an equal basis with men. The day recognizes women’s contributions, especially in the undervalued roles of keeping a home and raising children.

What can we do, on this day, to bring meaning to what has been achieved, and a measure of the distance still to go? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Educate yourself on the progress of the women’s movement. Learn what has been achieved, what still needs to be done, what actions are being taken and where very little is happening.
  2. Participate in activities organized in your locality. Join parades and other activities organized in your locality even just to cheer the women who try their best to make the celebration more meaningful.
  3. Have a day of celebration. Organize a party in your office or in your home to celebrate the acts of courage and determination of women in the past and present, what they have done and continue to do to achieve equality of status with men. In your church, mosque, synagogue, ashram or temple, bring the women together to explore how you can reach out to other countries to give the poorest of women the hope of a chance for their children.
  4. Recognize women’s roles in your own life. Look back in your own experience and review the influence women had in your own life. Thank them for their contribution. If they have caused some pain, try to stitch up that rip. Recognition brings to consciousness the effect women had on your own growth and being aware allows you to bring this to the surface so the positive can be recognized and the pain healed. Talk to your spouse, sister, mother, and grandmother about how their lives have changed so you get some sense of momentum in the achievements of all women at least in your society. If you have sons and daughters, include them in the conversation.
  5. Honor the women in your life. There are women in your home and in your office who will appreciate being noticed on this day. Let them know how much you appreciate them. You can bring them ALL a flower.
  6. Just hang out with women and enjoy them. Women are distinct from men in so many ways, so just by being with them, you become more conscious of the gifts that women are to our world. Then, it is a lot easier to celebrate this day. And don’t sit whining and whinging about how bad things are. Do something. The lot of women in the world is so much more engaging and important than the petty inconveniences that most people able to read this “How To” will ever experience.

Article taken from: www.howtodothings.com

The National Sleep Foundation’s National Sleep Awareness Week is today through next Sunday. So how’s your sleep awareness?

I know many people who spend long hours at work and are deprived from sleeping. I also know many children who sleep late and come to school with no energy at all. Today I sat with my students and explained to them that it’s national Sleep Awareness week and talked to them about the importance of sleeping. I told them that if you sleep more you will be smarter and will have more energy.

There are actually some food that can help you sleep:

So what is the secret to getting a solid 7 to 8 hours of sleep? Head for the kitchen and enjoy one or two of these  foods. They relax tense muscles, quiet buzzing minds, and/or get calming, sleep-inducing hormones…

Bananas.   They’re practically a sleeping pill in a peel. In addition to a bit of soothing melatonin and serotonin, bananas contain magnesium, a muscle relaxant.

Chamomile tea.   The reason chamomile is such a staple of bedtime tea blends is its mild sedating effect – it’s the perfect natural antidote for restless minds/bodies.

Warm milk.   It’s not a myth. Milk has some tryptophan – an amino acid that has a sedative – like effect – and calcium, which helps the brain use tryptophan. Plus there’s the psychological throw-back to infancy, when a warm bottle meant “relax, everything’s fine.”

Honey.   Drizzle a little in your warm milk or herb tea. Lots of sugar is stimulating, but a little glucose tells your brain to turn off orexin, a recently discovered neurotransmitter that’s linked to alertness.

Potatoes.   A small baked spud won’t overwhelm your GI tract, and it clears away acids that can interfere with yawn-inducing tryptophan. To up the soothing effects, mash it with warm milk.

Oatmeal.   Oats are a rich source of sleep – inviting melatonin, and a small bowl of warm cereal with a splash of maple syrup is cozy – plus if you’ve got the munchies, it’s filling too.

Almonds.   A handful of these heart-healthy nuts can be snooze-inducing, as they contain both tryptophan and a nice dose of muscle-relaxing magnesium.

Whole-wheat bread.   A slice of toast with your tea and honey will release insulin, which helps tryptophan get to your brain, where it’s converted to serotonin and quietly murmurs “time to sleep.”

Turkey.   It’s the most famous source of tryptophan, credited with all those Thanksgiving naps. But that’s actually modern folklore. Tryptophan works when your stomach’s basically empty, not overstuffed, and when there are some carbs around, not tons of protein. But put a lean slice or two on some whole-wheat bread mid-evening, and you’ve got one of the best sleep inducers in your kitchen.

It can be challenging to get an active toddler to bed, but most children will respond to a comforting, consistent routine designed to help get them to sleep

Check out on how to get your child sleep here

     March is National Nutrition Month, a nutrition education and information campaign created by the American Dietetic Association. This awareness campaign seeks to help participants learn how to make informed food choices and develop healthy eating and exercise habits.

How does Miss Farah recommend celebrating National Nutrition Month?

– Think smaller portions

– Eat breakfast, and eat smaller meals throughout the day.

– Eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day—the brighter the better.

– Exercise more, if you don’t have time to go to the gym go jogging instead by the beach! This is what I do and it’s such a stress reliever!

– Set up your refrigerator with healthy food

– Prepare healthy school lunch for your child.

– Avoid processed, packaged, restaurant and fast food.

– Camouflage vegetables and fruits in your meals if your kids don’t like veggies.

– Drink water and milk

– Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!


You can celebrate National Nutrition Month by passing out custom pedometers, promotional vitamin cases, and healthy snack gifts! These items will help other participants to make small but important changes in their daily routine.

I included a Kid-Friendly Daily Health Tips Calendar. Click on it, print it and post it on your refrigerator!

 Learn more about the National Nutrition Month here: www.eatright.org



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