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Sort Your life out is a 21 day plan to help you tackle different problem areas. Whether it is your body image and weight loss, low confidence and self esteem, worry and anxiety, stressful relationships or you simply find it hard to put yourself first, this book will help you.

Pete Cohen is a life coach, life strategist, human behaviourist and bestselling author of ten books on making positive life changes.

You can find this book at Virgin megastores or you can buy it online from www.amazon.com


In these hot, schedule-mangling summer months, it can be difficult to remember to read to your kids. Here are some of the more pleasantly surprising recent picture books — breaks from the typical that will help keep you interested as you provide your pre-readers with a story-filled summer.

Ladybug Girl at the Beach” by David Somar and Jacky Davis (Dial, $17)
The original “Ladybug Girl” was a gorgeously illustrated, endearingly written tribute to the powerful imagination of an awkward little girl trying to find her own identity. It didn’t really need a sequel, let alone two. But happily, this third book in the series is just as fabulous and dreamy as the first. It depicts a sweet and very realistic episode in Ladybug Girl’s young life, in which her palpable enthusiasm for swimming in the ocean wanes rapidly as soon as she first reaches the beach and lays eyes on the surf. Kids and parents alike will smile as they watch her build up the courage to dip her feet.

“Three Ladies Beside the Sea” by Rhoda Levine, illustrated by Edward Gorey (New York Review, $15)
The setting may be the same, but the ladies in this 1963 reissue are nothing like “Ladybug Girl.” In this decidedly different tale, a noble woman spends her days and nights up in a tree, hoping for a second glimpse of a shockingly beautiful bird she once saw land there. Her two neighbors try their best to coax her down and give up her Quixote-esque quest. Gorey’s otherworldly art style makes this pleasingly eccentric story feel even more magical.

“My Best Friend is as Sharp as a Pencil” by Hanoch Piven (Schwartz & Wade, $18)
Piven’s picture books have all stood out, thanks to his unique illustration style which creates faces out of artfully arranged real-world objects. Here, he gives us classroom themed portraits in which an art teacher’s hair is made of crayons, a class clown has rubber band hair and a brainy kid has a microscope nose. These pics should inspire readers to make some interesting art of their own.

“I’m the Best” by Lucy Cousins (Candlewick, $15)
The creator of Maisy the mouse offers up a quick, yet deliciously silly tale that’s perfect for preschoolers. A braggy pooch learns an important lesson about humility in this high-energy romp, but there’s a slightly subversive ending that makes the whole book all the more entertaining. Plus, there’s something about the scrawly, splattery nature of Cousins’ artwork that makes kids feel like they, too, can create books of their own. And that’s never a bad thing.

“Beaver is Lost” by Elisha Cooper (Schwartz & Wade, $18)
There are a grand total of four words in this book, but even those may not have been necessary. Cooper manages to convey not just loads of plot and storytelling in his textless art panels, but some real emotion, as well. As the displaced title animal makes his way through the big city, he has intriguing and comical encounters with a leashed pup, a swan boat, an inflatable gator and even a zoo-housed beaver. There’s a lot going on here, and the ability to put a bit of your own interpretation on it can make it all the more fun to “read” with your child.


Based on the bestselling book by memoirist Elizabeth Gilbert, the true story of Gilbert’s (played by Roberts) own personal journey will be Roberts’ first chick flick headlined film in years!!

In the eyes of many, Gilbert was a woman who had it all — a loving husband, a great apartment, and a weekend home — but sometimes one realizes too little too late that they haven’t gotten what they truly wanted from life. On the heels of a painful divorce, the woman who had previously looked forward to a contented life of domesticated bliss sets out to explore the world and seek out her true destiny!

Why Eat Pray Love is so fabulous
Here’s the explanation: We all whine sometimes. We all have days where we end up on the floor sobbing (or want to). The important thing for most people is that when they read this book – presuming they get through the Italy section – they see that an ordinary person found startling and profound spiritual revelations and true love. That’s what most of us want (not the whining). But we all have to go through the bad places to get to the goo.
Read the book first ,  then mark your calendars on August 13th to watch the movie that will awaken your life!
You can order it online here: Eat pray love book


When I read the title of the book, it got to my attention because I don’t know much about the Saudi society especially that it’s about the Girls of Riyadh. I only hear about them but I don’t know much in depth. This novel says it all…

Gamrah’s faith in her new husband is not exactly returned… Sadeem is a little too willing to please her fiance’..Michelle is half American and the wrong class for her boyfriend’s family…Lamees works hard with little time for love.

” The girls of Riyadh are young,  attractive and living by Saudi Arabia’s strict cultural traditions. Well, not quite. In between sneaking out behind their parents’ backs, dating shopping, watching American TV and having fun, they’re still trying to be good little Muslim girls. That is, pleasing their families and their men.

But can you be twenty first century girl AND a Saudi girl?

This is a novel that captures it all…a revealing study of one of the world’s most secretive socieities.

You can find this novel at Virgin Megastore.


I am currently reading a book called ” The Art of Happiness”. It’s a unique and important book. It gives us advice on how we can overcome everyday human problems and achieve lasting happiness.

They help us in training our mind for happiness and how we can transform suffering. There are exerises that help us stop the discursive thought and gradually remain in that state for longer and longer duration.

As a positive person I always seek books that help me look into life positively. This is a great book to train your mind. Many of us go through alot of stress and pressure and nowadays it is getting harder for us to be always positive. Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler are both great spritual leaders who show us the way to happiness.  I recommend you read this book. Tell me what you think when you do 🙂


Using families of cats and rabbits and racoons along with simple diagrams, this book for youngsters introduces the concept of relationships on a family tree.

Great grandparents, second cousins and non-traditional families such as step-fathers and half-sisters are covered showing the many types of families a child might encounter.

A great introduction for kids learning about family relationships. It even tackles the “once removed” cousins with easy-to-understand diagrams.

I loved this book because it teaches the idea of different family types and especially the meaning of adoption. Many children who are adopted will relate to it and this would help them understand that it is normal and they are just like everyone else.

Here they also explain the meaning of divorce, stepfather, stepmother, step sister and step brother.

This is a very good book to incorporate a lesson on family trees especially in the primary level.

 Dear Parents,

     Reading to your child is a wonderful way to encourage a love of reading. It helps your child become a better reader. Look over these suggestions for how to make the most of reading to your child.


  • After reading a story to your child, discuss what happened at the beginning, middle, and end of the the story


  • Partaway through the story, stop reading and ask your child to predict what will happen next.


  • If your child can read the words, or knows the story by heart, encourage him or her to read along with you.


  •  Don’t be concerned if your child wants to listen to, or read, the same story again and again. A familiar story makes reading easy and fun.


  • After reading a story, ask your child to tell about his or her favorite part.

Start today to share the joy of reading with your child!!

                                                            Miss Farah

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