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Last week I decorated my classroom but I am definitely not done yet! There’s still a lot missing I am just showing you the progress. I will be discussing the main points in decorating a classroom in my upcoming posts… In the meanwhile I have a few things I would like to share with you now…

Colors are very important in a class make sure it’s colorful and clear!

The desks were separate but frankly I like to have my students sit in groups at least in the beginning of the year. I don’t want them to be separated. Don’t forget to put name tags on the desks. It’s a great feeling to know that you own something 🙂


Label everything in your class from door to light switch to cubbies, bulletin board, chair, desk etc….

Kids need to see words everywhere they go so they can be better spellers and readers.

If you look at the top of the whiteboard you would see a red line. I put the red color because as I said in my previous posts about feng shui the color red attracts the students attention. The whiteboard is the most place you would want them to look.

This bulletin board is mainly for circle time in the morning where we sit on the carpet in a big circle. There we will be doing our breathing exercises, calendar, weather, seasons,  birthdays, class rules, classroom helpers etc… We can also discuss the class schedule and what to expect that day!


Check out the Spring bulletin board I came up with, i stamped flower shape and made a rainbow as well, I also pasted some butterflies, bees, and lady bugs.

Last week we were reading a story called ” The Fox and the Stork”. It talks about how the fox and the stork invited each other for dinner and the dinner was soup. The stork used greens from her own garden to make her soup so I asked my students to make their own soup recipe, here is how it went….

They had to write down 5 items and draw a small picture of each next to the word.

And this is everyone’s work they loved this activity and they all wanted to try their own recipe at home 🙂

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Reading Bulletin Board: reading is out of this world

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