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Saw this post at Parent Dish and it grabbed my attention

In 1994, my husband and I had a daughter and named her Miley Elizabeth. Even though she was named way before people even heard of Miley Cyrus, people keep insisting that she was named after her and call her mean names because they do not like the Cyrus kid. My daughter hates her name now and wants to change it. I suggested we call her by her middle name but in our area there are a lot of girls named Elizabeth and pretty much any nickname for Elizabeth has been taken. She wants to change her name to Zarya because no one has that name and it means princess. Should we let her? I personally do not like the name Zarya and the name Miley Elizabeth means so much to my husband and me.

– Miley’s Mom

The name lady replies:

Ah, your poor daughter! There she was, all set with a creative, unusual name that put a smile on people’s faces, when a celebrity came along and stole it right out from under her.Whether you love Miley Cyrus or loathe her, you have to admit that she has taken control of the name Miley. For a baby born today, that shouldn’t be a big problem. The girl will grow up in a world full of Mileys, Kileys and Brileys. But for a young lady the same age as Ms. Cyrus, it’s a blow to her personal identity at an age when forging your own identity is job number one.

I appreciate that you’re taking your daughter’s name trouble seriously. This isn’t one to laugh off. But I don’t recommend legal name changes for minors on grounds of style. Just as you’d hold off on purchasing high-end shoes or sporting equipment for kids whose bodies are still growing, you should hold off on choosing new names for kids whose selves are still growing.

For the time being, let your daughter choose any nickname or alter ego she likes. The legal change, though, can wait until she’s a legal adult. By that time she’ll have had the chance to try on more identities, and will have a better sense of whether Zarya, or princess, really fits — or whether Miley might become “hers” again after all.

Did you ever regret your name? Share your experiences here.


Hip-shaking Colombian pop star Shakira is meeting with Haitian earthquake survivors living in makeshift camps and she says she is searching for suitable land to build a school for needy children.

Arriving Sunday, the singer with Lebanese roots waved to onlookers and greeted infants living on a Haitian golf course that has turned into a sprawling makeshift camp for 50,000 quake survivors.

Her Barefoot foundation provides nutrition to more than 6,000 children in Colombia, and she is member of the ALAS foundation that advocates for children across Latin America.

Shakira was greeted by actor Sean Penn, who is providing humanitarian aid at Haitian refugee camps. The two stars spoke about challenges confronting Haiti since the Jan. 12 disaster.

This topic got to my attention as many girls at this age like to wear their mommies heels for example. But having their own pair of heels at such a young age is in my opinion definitely inappropriate.

Suri Cruise, daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

The trend does pose potential health risks.

“We’re dealing with a foot that’s in development, which means the muscles, the tendons and the ligaments are certainly not as strong at that age as they are at age 18,” said Dr. Rock Positano, a foot disorder specialist at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.

I think your child will look adorable in any shoe! And there’s tons of brands out there now that are making really adorable things. I don’t think a heel is what takes it over the top.

– There are plenty of brands that make flat shoes that young girls will wear, and she advised that parents involve the girls in the shopping process and emphasize the features — colors, glitter and bows — that may make flat shoes fun and appealing.

I have mentioned in my previous post about the Hannah Montana Obsession at Schools, it turns out Highschool Musical is not so different after all!  Let’s have look at what kids’ stationary look like these days….These photos were taken from my classroom:

High School Musical bags


High School Musical Lunch Bag

High School Musical Pencil Case

High School Musical Folder

High School Musical Pen

  Have you noticed that kids nowadays are so obsessed with Hanna Montana (aka Miley Cyrus)? It’s unbelievable! Wherever I go I see a Hannah Montana item….even at school! Take a look at this!!

Hannah Montana Bag



Hannah Montana Notebook

Hannah Montana Water Bottle

Hannah Montana Sharpener

Hannah Montana Pencil

Hannah Montana Pencil case

Justin got a bit of a surprise as his famous dad bought him a $360,000 Maybach for his birthday and presented it to him the MTV show Super Sweet Sixteen.

According to the ShowBizSpy.com:

“Diddy surprised his son with the lavish purchase by parking the new car outside the trendy New York club M2 on Saturday night, where his son was celebrating with over 1,000 friends.

Guests at the red-carpet Prince of New York-themed party included Snoop Dogg, outspoken boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and Lil’ Kim.”

(Let’s hope that Justin doesn’t have a lead foot because the Maybach’s 543-horsepower, twin-turbocharged, 5.5-liter V-12 engine can easily get any 16-year-old into trouble.)

You’ve probably been told that, as a student, what you major in isn’t as important as how you apply your knowledge to the real world. It’s important to understand that you’re allowed to be passionate about more than one thing in life, even when it comes to career choices. These 10 celebrities, for example, enjoyed successful careers as musicians, actors and writers, even as they worked as teachers and instructors early in their careers.




Sting: Back when the legendary Sting was known as Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, the Grammy award-winner grew up in Wallsend, in northeast England. He worked odd jobs after high school until he enrolled in the Northern Counties College of Education. As he pursued local music gigs, Sting also worked as a teacher for two years at St. Paul’s First School in Cramlington, England.


Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons


Gene Simmons: Gene Simmons, also known as “The Demon” during the prime of his career as a bassist with rock band Kiss, is known for his controversial lifestyle, performance style and music. But before he made it big, Simmons taught sixth grade in Harlem, New York. Simmons also speaks four languages: Hungarian (his mother’s native language), Hebrew, English and German.


Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone


Sylvester Stallone: One of the most celebrated action/adventure figures of all time, Sylvester Stallone is also a director, producer, screenwriter and former teacher. The Rocky and Rambo star survived boarding schools and a special education school for “problem children” as a child, and then enrolled in beauty school after high school graduation. Stallone dropped out of beauty school to attend the American College of Switzerland, where he studied drama and worked as a gym teacher.


Stephen King

Stephen King

Stephen King: Horror and science fiction writer Stephen King has sold an estimated 300-350 million novels and short story collections, and many of his works, like Carrie have been successfully turned into popular movies. King, who was born in Portland, ME, but also raised in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Connecticut, wrote and sold stories to friends as a child and wrote a column for his college newspaper. King trained to be a teacher and worked at the Hampden Academy in Hampden, ME, while writing and selling short stories.

Mr. T

Mr. T


Mr. T: In the 1980s, actor and professional wrestler Mr. T also gained popularity among children for appearing in commercials and animated TV specials that encouraged children to “stay in school” and live safe, healthy lives. Mr. T was born Laurence Tureaud in Chicago as the youngest of 12 children. In Chicago, Mr. T attended the Paul Lawrence Dubar Vocational Career Academy and worked as a gym teacher, before winning a scholarship to Prairie View A&M Univeristy and working as a military policeman for the U.S. Army.


Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal: Comedian, actor and presenter Billy Crystal is known for such pop culture classics as When Harry Met Sally, City Slickers, and Saturday Night Live. Crystal grew up in Long Beach, NY, and attended college at Marshall University in West Virginia, Nassau Community College on Long Island, and New York University, from which he graduated with a B.F.A. While on Long Island, Crystal worked as a substitute teacher for classes like girls’ gym.


J.K Rowling

J.K Rowling

J.K. Rowling: J.K. Rowling has made a fortune off of her fictional world of the Hogwarts boarding school for witches and wizards, and the Harry Potter writer was actually a teacher herself. Rowling, who has been named the 12th richest woman in Britain, admits to having based some Harry Potter characters on her own past teachers, and in the early 1990s, Rowling moved to Portugal after her mother died to teach English as a foreign language. Rowling was already writing Harry Potter at that time.


Robert Frost

Robert Frost

Robert Frost: The iconic poet of works like “The Road Not Taken” and “Fire and Ice” was born in San Francisco, CA, in 1874. After graduating from Dartmouth College, Frost returned home to work and for a time, helped his mother as an assistant teacher. Years later, after attending Harvard for two years and working as a farmer, Frost worked as an English teacher in New Hampshire. For the rest of his life, Frost would write poetry and teach English at various schools, including at Amherst College in Massachusetts and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


Barack Obama

Barack Obama

 Barack Obama: The 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, worked as a community organizer, lawyer and law school lecturer after graduating from Columbia University and Harvard Law School. In fact, up until just four years before running for president, Obama was a constitutional law professor and senior lecturer at the University Chicago.

Art Garfunkel

Art Garfunkel


Art Garfunkel: One-half of the immensely popular and socially-critical folk singing group Simon and Garfunkel, Art Garfunkel was born and raised in Queens, New York. Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel met in sixth grade in Queens, though they did not release their first official record as Simon and Garfunkel until 1964, after Garfunkel had earned a graduate degree in mathematics. Garfunkel taught math in Connecticut even as he enjoyed success as a singer.

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