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Stepping away from the traditional Birthdays, this year I wanted to do something special!

I wanted to give away free hugs because i wanted to spread happiness! And it worked.

My bestfriend and I wore T-shirts and gave away free hugs to people we didn’t know. It is a random act of kindness and a selfless act just to make others feel better. Smiles filled the streets of Beirut and that was our goal! To love each other, to spread happiness and smiles is what this world needs!

International Free Hug day is usually on the 3rd of July, but you can do it anytime you want! It was truly one of the best nights of my life!

Watch this Video of the guy who started this campaign it is very touching that it almost got me into tears.


I’ve been seeing this amusement park for ages, it’s been there for such a long time and I’ve always wondered why it is in the middle of a highway! This park is located in Bhamdoun, Lebanon. I’m sure many of you who pass there have seen it. It is such a dangerous location and I never see any people there I guess they would rather stay alive 😛

I’m spending my summer vacation in Lebanon and tomorrow 14 of my relatives arrive from Australia! So Mom asked to draw them a poster, and so I did. I thought it was pretty cool wanted to share it with you…

The one who is running is my cousin Tamara, she will arrive after tomorrow with my other cousin Lara that’s why i put them aside :D….

Summer time begins tomorrow!! Family gatherings, dinner, parties, beach, shopping and so much more!! How are you spending your vacation this summer??

I’ve been focusing on Dubai lately because it is the coolest and one of the entertaining places to take your family to.

Have you been to the indoor ski resort in the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai?

Ski Dubai is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East and offers an amazing snow setting to enjoy skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing, or just playing in the snow. Young or old, there is something for everyone, from the beginner to the snow sport enthusiast. Ski Dubai is a unique mountain-themed attraction that offers you the opportunity to enjoy real snow in Dubai all year round.

Learning to ski is fun and a real social experience. After you have had some instruction, you’ll want to get out on the slopes as often as possible with your friends and family or maybe just on your own to unwind from a busy day. It’s a continuous learning curve where you are improving every time you’re on the slope.

Think about it even in summer time you will get to experience the snow experience with your friends and family!

You crave candy? Then Candylicious is the place to be….

Candylicious located in Dubai Mall is an abstract concept representing fantasy, joy and irreplaceable childhood memeories. Just about anything you are craving can be found in the aisles of this 10,000 square feet whimsical store. Candylicious will make your sweet dreams a reality. At Candylicious we live to eat happy.

Candy Tree!

They have mini trollies for kids,,,so cute!

Candylicious is a dream come true for both kids and adults! Like Heaven on Earth 🙂

If you are wondering where to go this summer, Dubai is the place to go. There’s a very entertaining place for kids aged 4- 15 where it offers education and entertainment. It is Kidzania!

It is a kid-sized replica of a real city, with streets, buildings, retail and vehicles moving around the city – all scaled down to children’s size. It involves role playing and the children are encouraged to take on a variety of parts, from doctor and firefighter to banker and policeman. Kids wear the uniform and perform the role they are playing and thus learn the complexity of the adult world.

Kids choose what they would like to be when they grow up and they have to practice the occupation and will even receive a certificate!

Here are the kids who chose to be firefighters!

Kids who chose to be police officers!

Kids role playing as doctors!

Kidzania is one of the places that I would definitely take my children to! Won’t you?

As the year is coming to an end, I decided to have activities with my students one of them was watching movies. I told the girls to bring any dvd they would like to watch and we will choose the ones they’d like to see.

I prepared and LCD projector,  got my laptop , inserted the DVD and tataaa!

It felt like we were in a movie theater! We could’ve ate popcorn but we ate so much junk food today!! Dieting again next week 😥

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