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Today I was in Art class and I noticed a cactus plant in the balcony. I used to hear this myth that cactus plants are bad to be replaced in the house or or somewhere near you. Is this true? Actually it’s the exact opposite.  Cactus plants according to feng shui studies  are used for protection.

There are a couple of different uses for cacti in Feng Shui. One is to offer protection and security in your home or office which is what we will address in this article. Another use is to shift a stressful energetic experience of another person to something more comfortable. View ‘Cactus as Energy Shifter’ for that information.

Cactus plants can be placed in bathrooms to counter bad chi/energies.

–  It is also very good as a cure for any bathroom afflictions that you may encounter in your home. For example, if there is bathroom located in the North sector of your home, as the North sector represents your Career or Business, the bathroom situated there will have adverse effects on your job or business. By putting the cactus plant there, the bathroom’s energies are neutralised

– Best location is where there is plenty of sunlight in the bathroom. If no sunlight in the bathroom – get 2 cactus plants – place one in the sunlight – one in the bathroom – every few weeks exchange the cactus between the bathroom and the sunlight one.

–  At any time if the cactus is weakened – change to a new one and dispose the old one into the dustbin outside your house.

– There is no time and date restriction for this placement.

–  Size – about 1 inch – any shape – any color.



My room in the mountains

My bedroom in the mountains is pink and I love it but the one in the city  hasn’t been changed for like 10 years now, I wasn’t really taking care of it because I was outside the country but now that I’m back i felt it needed some renovation like new bedsheets and a new layout!

I’m gonna use feng shui for help and request your opinion  as well. The most thing I’m focusing on is the color.

In feng shui the color

Pink is considered to be one of the best colors for the bedroom because it is the color associated with relationships. Pink is also thought of as an auspicious color combining the fire/ passion of red and the metal element of white. Pink represents love and pure feelings of joy, happiness, and romance.
Light blues and light greens are positive colors for a bedroom as well as small accent colors of red.
 Green represents tranquility, hope and freshness as seen in spring growth or that of a new plant or leaf.
The color peach aligns with “Peach Blossom Luck,” which represents attraction and love. A person that is single with peach blossom luck will be outgoing, social, make new friends and have numerous admirers. However, once married, consider painting the bedroom a different color as it can lead to adultery.
Ken Lauher typically doesn’t recommend chocolate brown in the bedroom as it can give a heavy feeling. Some believe that it can be used to create a stable, established impression, I equate it to autumn, when leaves turn brown and fall to the ground.
Many Chinese stay away from having white blankets on their beds because it is similar to the shroud that covers the dead and fear sleep will seem like death. Although, plain white sheets or white sheets with flowers or colorful designs are fine.


The use of pink or red sheets and blankets are used by those seeking to get married or by newlyweds to ensure wedding bliss.

So now that I got the whole idea about what each color stands for and knowing that pink is the best color for a bedroom i’m going to focus on that!…. Pink it is!!

When you wake each morning, start the day by reaffirming your intention to practice loving-kindness and compassion. Remind yourself each day to work at letting go of ego clinging, selfishness, controlling behavior, negative thoughts, possessiveness, aggression, resentment, and confusion. Resolve each day to find one small way that you can change a frozen behavior pattern, and try to do so.

When you lie down at night, reflect on the day that was. Remember your accomplishments and your frustrations – things done as well as undone. Who or what pushed your buttons? Use clear discernment and discriminating awareness to genuinely examine your behavior and the quality of your life. Recognize your familiar repetitive patterns. Assess how fruitful they actually are.

Finally, examine your day for lingering resentments and self-destructive, harmful, egocentric, or narcissistic thoughts. Find joy in awakening the noble-hearted spirit of bodhicitta. Rejoice in all the good works of both others and yourself, and share in all that good karma. It will help you find rest.

Article taken from: http://www.kenlauher.com

How to get over the day to day mini-upsets, so they don’t become something greater, something that may make you eventually ill.

Taking care of upsets, anger, frustrations, annoyances when they first happen
can go a long ways to keeping you healthy and balanced.

Even if you do not know EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and the many benefits
of it, you can still do this little exercise and enjoy immediate
relief. We will be tapping on some meridians, trust me this is very

You have many times asked someone not to do something yet everyday they do
it anyhow. Each day you look at this and get upset. Say for instance,
spouse spills the coffee when pouring in cup. You constantly ask them
to pour their cup of coffee into cup while holding the cup over the
sink. Next day you see coffee on the floor and on the cupboard door.
“Again this blankety blank blank just wont listen!” You think to
yourself, while cleaning up the mess, AGAIN.

Now we all know that simply by way of LOA (Law Of Attraction) your getting upset just
keeps the cycle going on and on. But what to do, besides pull your hair
out and get mad, that is.

Try This Powerful little exercise that only take a few seconds:

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap the top of your Head, with your fingers of one hand while TUNING into this Feeling of frustration and say: I release and let go of the feeling…
then tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap your third eye saying I release and let go of this feeling, I just let it go now….
Side of eye-, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap and say: I release and let go of this feeling,
Under eye-, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap and say: I release and let go of this feeling
Under nose-, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap and say: I release and let go of this feeling.
Collar Bone-, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap and say: I release and let go of this feeling…
Slap, slap, slap, slap wrists and say: I release and let go of this feeling, I just let it all go right now!

Take a Deep Breath and let it out. (very important as this helps to move the bad energy

How do you feel now? Better? Good go about your day until something else upsets you and then do this again. If still feeling frustrated then do
from the beginning again…only takes a few seconds.

Get used to doing this everyday, over even little things.

Next, start practicing doing this with your mind, so you can do this right in
front of someone and they will not know what you are doing. Tap the
spots with your mind while saying the words to yourself.

You will become a very calm and easy going person, without all the drama
you had before. You will find an inner peace you just didn’t have


Under that cap and below that gown the graduate should take advantage of wearing certain colors that will allow them to attain specific energetic advantages while walking into this next phase of their lives. According to feng shui:

White: it’s said that wearing anything white under the gown signifies a respect and consequent commitment to any of the arts

Gold: gold recognizes both the tremendous and intrinsic value and worth of all the sciences

Brown: Brown represents stability and grounding, both virtues and qualities that any graduate can use in spades, shovels and hoes.

So any attempt at representing any or all combinations of these colors together in graduation day couture can represent panoramic academic achievements, stellar and opportunistic prospects and can be counted on to cap-ture mortar boards of magic and memories!

SOme people are naturally good at keeping their room tidy and some need to be reminded (like me). The problem is that if your room is a mess, the prospect of cleaning it can seem like an overwhelming task. But if you approach it in “layers” as described below, it’ll be much less intimidating and, who knows?

1- Close all computer programs but this, but first bookmark important sites you have up if you have to. Sign off from any chat programs and put up an away message. The temptation to chat or browse can be a major pitfall. If you are doing something, then turn off your screen or save what you are doing and shut down the computer. Also turn off your cellphone to avoid talking or texting so that you won’t get distracted

2- Put on an album that you enjoy singing or dancing along with. Stay away from mellow, relaxing music–you need motivation. Turn it up as loud as you’re allowed to put it so you’re not thinking of anything else. Make a game of seeing how much you can get cleaned up during one song.

3- Open all of your curtains or blinds and, if appropriate, the windows themselves to let some light and fresh air in. If you’re cleaning at night, just turn on all of the lights. This will allow you to see everything and brighten your cleaning process. If you have a ceiling fan, turn it on. There’s a good chance you’ll work up a sweat.

4- Remove all big stuff out of your room. That way the room looks a little bit more tidy already

5- Sweep out everything from under the bed and dressers. You may be surprised to find just how much junk has accumulated there, much of which is probably stuff you’d thought you’d lost or may have simply forgotten about. Separate all of it into four piles: One is trash, the second is give away, the third is recycling, and the last pile is things that should stay in your room.

6- Gather the trash and throw it away. Then recycle the recycling. Keeping a garbage bag in the room will help. Pull stuff out from under and behind the rest of your furniture like desks, dressers, end tables, nightstands or bookshelves. Your only concern right now should be trash and recycling so don’t put anything else away, and don’t start organizing just yet.

7- Put everything in your room that you need to put away in a big pile on your bed or in the middle of the floor. Or even better, put everything in the pile (it will make it easier in a few steps)! When stuff is all over the room it is easy to avoid, but when it’s all right there in a big, tall pile, it is almost impossible to leave it there. As you’re building up your pile, set any dirty clothes aside in a hamper or in a separate pile.

8- Fold. If you come across something that you haven’t worn in quite some time, try it on. If it doesn’t fit you or isn’t in season, give it to charity or put it in a container as long as it’s not dirty or torn. Organize your closet and dressers. Close all drawers and doors; make sure nothing is sticking out. or hang your clean clothes and put them away, while throwing the dirty ones in the laundry pile.

9- Clean all surfaces with Pledge or another similar cleaner. Use Windex on your mirror. Vacuum the floor.

10- ATTACK THE PILE!!!! Put everything in its place – don’t just shove everything under the bed and call it a day – but don’t organize yet. For example, put all the books where they’re supposed to be, like on your bookshelf, but don’t get caught up in organizing the bookshelf  just yet, or else you’ll lose momentum. Just keep grabbing an item from the pile on your bed, put it in its place, and move onto the next item. If you find something that doesn’t belong anywhere, either consider giving it away, or make a place for it. Continue putting everything away (stuffed animals, photographs, purses, shoes, and so on) until your bed is cleared.

article taken from: http://www.wikihow.com/Clean-Your-Room

No matter your religious persuasion or spiritual affiliation, there’s a Feng Shui cure that uses an image of the Buddha in order to bring to your door Health, Happiness and a whole lot of Prosperity (The Three Great Blessings in Feng Shui!). This cure says that you should position a small statue of the Buddha anywhere immediately inside your front door and face it so that it’s looking at the door itself, ostensibly welcoming all the visitors (including opportunity!) to your home. This same adjustment codicils that the Buddha statue should be faced on a slant or placed catty-corner to the front door.

Some people put money under the statue and rub its belly for good luck.

But be aware that there’s a caution in Feng Shui where using statues of deities and icons is concerned and it says that these symbols of sacred energies must never be placed directly on the floor, but should always be positioned some place that is considered ‘higher up.’ I think we can see the implication there, eh? Either way, have a Buddha bless your home and watch as those blessings translate into actual rewarding experiences!

Just to let you know I’m not buddhist! This is a feng shui study!

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