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My School lunch box


– Bottle of water

– Tuna on toast (brown bread)

– Fiber Plus chocolate bar by Kellog’s

– fresh orange juice

So I think I’m doing well…I’m maintaining healthy food at school by eating a bit of everything. From fruits to vegetables to fiber. The only thing I need to work on is my morning coffee. Because I’ve been waking up so early (5:30 am) I need coffee to wake up, just smelling coffee I feel better. I’ll try to switch to decaffeinated coffee starting tomorrow.

I will also try to add more vegetables and fruits next time!

Eat right! …Feel right!


When you buy fish from the grocery store and it’s frozen the protein of the fish is gone! So what do you do to get the protein back before cooking the fish?

You soak the fish into milk for 5 minutes and voilaa…… the proteins are back!

This is a trick my brother learned from his professor at food preparation course. :)…He also added bay leaf to eliminate the odor of the fish…

Thank you brother for the info!

Last night after gym, my friend and I were starving so we headed to one of the local superstores and decided to have a light dinner. We had something called “Hawader”…Hawader in arabic derives from the word ready!  Meaning that the food that we prepared is very easy and fast to make.

What we had:

– Labneh with olive oil

– Black sliced olives

– Bread (fat free)

– Zaatar

– Fondel Cheese ( not Lebanese but you can add it)

– Brie Cheese ( not Lebanese but you can add it)

– Halloum Cheese (lebanese)

– Makdous (Eggplant- Walnut- red capsicum- garlic and olive oil)

Everything was ready from the supermarket we just cut some tomatoes and added cucumber.

The dinner was amazing healthy and light!

Having “Hawader” either for breakfast or dinner is a very nice family meal as well! Sahten!! 🙂



My bestfriend and I went to the movies yesterday, and you know when you go to the movies you have to snack on something so we decided to get something tastyand at the same time not too fattening. We agreed to go for Doritos that are baked! They were reaaaaaaaaally good! Check out the nutrition facts:

Baked instead of fried, these Doritos Tortilla Chips are proclaimed to be a smart choice due to the decrease of fat. While they shouldn’t replace fruits, fresh vegetables, and nuts as your snack foods, if you are going to indulge in a bag of chips, the baked Doritos Tortilla Chips are a better choice than the regular Doritos Tortilla Chips.

This is our family’s all time favorite dessert! I learned this recipe from mom. It is very easy I even memorized it!


yellow cake mix ( Betty Crocker)

– Chocolate Chips ( semi sweet)

– 1/3 butter

– 2 eggs

– 1 tsp of  powdered vanilla

– 1/3 minced walnut (optional- to make it healthier)

Procedure: Oven 180 degrees

First get a bowl and put half of the yellow cake mix, then 2 eggs, 1/3 cup of butter, then mix with spoon until the mixture is yellow in color.

Then put the other half of the cake mix, vanilla, walnut and chocolate chips. Mix them with a wooden spoon.

Get baking or cookie trays, don’t put any oil on the trays.

Get a teaspoon of the chocolate chip cookie mixture and start placing them on the tray. They dont have to be a perfect circle.

This mixture will make around 40 to 48 cookies. Don’t put alot in the teaspoon or too little.

When your done place them in the oven. Now the trick to making them soft is not to keep them for too long in the oven or they will be crunchy. Once you start seeing a little bit of brown color at the bottom of the cookie then that means you can start baking the top. The same goes here don’t keep them for too long 3 minutes or even less is enough. Keep the cookies looking yellow and not brown.

Let them cool down for an hour or so. They taste even better the next day!!

Enjoy….I want some nowwwww…oops :s

Since we brought up the topic of obesity in my previous post, here is an idea of what you can let your children snack on. Raisins!!

The health benefit of raisins is that they are an antioxidant. These help keep the blood clean and flowing. They get rid of all unclean impurities in the blood.

Raisins are also great for healthy gums and teeth. Though raisins are sticky and very sweet, they do not cause tooth decay ore gum disease.

Raisins are also a preventative measure for macular degeneration, which is the health of your eyesight. Just as carrots are good for your eyesight as are raisins. Overall, raisins help with eyesight, oral hygiene and they act as antioxidants. Raisins are sweet and great tasting and promote good health.

However do not give raisins to babies under 3 they may choke on it because it is very small in size and sticky which can cause them to get stuck in your child’s throat. To prevent that you can cut them into smaller pieces

I saw this link on Dr.Mehmet Oz’s fan page, and got devastated when I read this post. Some British retailer is selling large sized  clothing for kids who are Obese! In my opinion I am totally against it because the fact that these kids reached the stage of obesity is a mistake. Now when kids discover that there is clothing that matches their size it will be more convenient to them and this issue will encourage them to not lose that excess weight. I put up a poll I chose a few answers from what Dr. Mehmet Oz’s fans shared you can choose one or just add your own answer. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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