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Yesterday was such an emotional day for us, we were watching a slideshow of all our memories throughout this year, then one of my students started crying. I hugged her tightly and told her you shouldn’t be sad these are happy memories that we will cherish forever. The slideshow included their pictures advice messages from me, our favorite activities, and a goodbye message . I also included music ” Time of Your Life”  by green Day, and “why do all good things come to an end”  by Nelly Furtado. Then I put an LCD projector turned off the lights and watched it on the big screen. Then I will copy this slideshow on a CD for each student to take home with them. Teachers that is a great idea to give your students as a gift.


To my students: I will miss you all dearly, and now it’s time for you to shine and grow. Show the world what you’ve got! We will meet again someday…oneday!


I mean seriously who doesn’t love music? Can you imagine life without music? I use music everywhere, I use it to wake up, to sleep, in my car, while  at home relaxing…everywhere! I use  a lot of music in my class as well!

However in class I use a different kind of music. It will calm your students down and helps them concentrate on the activity that they are doing.  Students enjoy using this music as a study aid, insisting that “Silence of Peace” quiets the mind and makes it easier to focus, absorb and retain information. I also use this music when I’m doing stretching exercises in the morning with my students.

Even at home if you have a child who can’t concentrate or a crying baby this music is a miracle. It specifically works on the alpha waves in your brain it is called Silence of Peace by John Levine. You can order it from www.amazon.com

Today I was listening to my all time favorite song, Sometimes Love just ain’t enough by Patty Smith. I’ll never forget this song especially that I sang it on the radio once I think I was like 10 years old. It was a contest of who has the most beautiful voice. I’m not sure why I called them I think my sister made me do it! :s The radio broadcaster told me I sounded cute and said that there’s a potential I would win but ofcourse I didn’t! hehe….That’s a memory I would never forget!

Here’s my all time favorite song enjoy! 🙂 and Happy Sunday! Let’s all have a productive week….

Pepsi-Cola International has teamed up with GRAMMY nominees Akon and Keri Hilson and the two-time GRAMMY-winning Soweto Gospel Choir to create an African inspired track, “Oh Africa.” to benefit underprivileged African youth. The track and accompanying video is set for international release on Music’s Biggest Night, the 52nd GRAMMY Awards on Sunday, Jan. 31, and will premiere during the GRAMMY Awards Pre-Telecast stream on “GRAMMY Live,” an online destination for all things GRAMMY featuring 72 hours of live coverage on http://www.grammy.com during GRAMMY Weekend. 

“Oh Africa,” written by hip-hop duo and writers to the stars, Rock City, and produced by Prettiboifresh, sees 16 aspiring young music artists from around the world join forces with international superstar Akon and  Hilson. A portion of the proceeds from the energetic new track, which will also be the soundtrack for the Pepsi’s 2010 football campaign, will go towards supporting disadvantaged African youth. Akon’s Konfidence Foundation and other great charities designated by Hilson and Pepsi will partner in the distribution of funds.
Click here to purchase and download the song if you want to help!

The Konfidence Foundation was founded by Akon in 2006 and is headed up by his mother, President & CEO Ms. Kine Gueye Thiam. It is a 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to increasing public awareness of the conditions in Africa and providing African youth with access to learning and recreational environments equipped with modern technology, educational materials, recreational resources, and health and wellness services. 

* 100% of the proceeds from the download of the Oh Africa song from this site go to Konfidence Foundation to help underprivileged youth in Africa.

‘Oh Africa’ by Akon and Keri Hilson

Brain waves, alpha music and productive calmness!!

This type of music, the alpha music, called Silence of Peace by John Levine would work great if you put as a background music in your classroom. It will calm your students down and helps them concentrate on the activity that they are doing.  Students enjoy using this music as a study aid, insisting that “Silence of Peace” quiets the mind and makes it easier to focus, absorb and retain information. So i took the CD and put it in my classroom while my students were working on an activity. I noticed a big change in the atmosphere. It was much calmer and the kids were able to focus more. This is the second time I post about this music because it works like magic and every teacher who is suffering from a hyperactive classroom would love this.


This is what the alpha music did to the students! They were working and concentraing on their work!


  What does Alpha music do:

•Reduces stress and anxiety
•Settles down hyperactive behaviour
•Feelings of panic or being overwhelmed subside
•Background for meditation, physical therapies or gentle exercise

“Silence of Peace” by John levine is the first in the “Silence” series of CDs, all of which demonstrate this philosophy. Children are often especially responsive to “Silence of Peace”. Children as young as 3 often go into a quiet, even entranced state when they listen to it and children of all ages find this music relaxes them and gives them easy access to their imagination.

here the students were sitting quietly in the story corner and i was very surprised because i didn't tell them to do so. It was the alpha music!



“My wish is for everyone to be more calm and healthy, with the help of the wonderful and natural remedy of alpha waves. It is my special wish that my music helps you too!” …..J.B. Levine

Over 250,000 people world-wide use John Levine’s alphamusic to help cope with the symptoms of anxiety.

If you wish to listen to free samples of this music or even order it please visit this website:

We all stress out don’t we? Teachers, parents, businessmen, students ,etc…

So for all iPhone users (not me because i’m  blackberry freak ):P iPhone has a new application with the most soothing and relaxing music ever.


PACIFIC SURF – incredibly relaxing! New iPhone App with some of the most beautiful ocean footage … natural sounds… and soothing music ever! The natural beauty of the ocean on your phone all the time!



Tomorrow i have parents conference and i was thinking of a nice setup to make parents feel special. First I will be using the music CD “Silence of Peace” by John Levine as a background music. Then i will set a table with 2 chairs for Mom and Dad and another one for me. I will put chocolate or candy in a basket and 2 small candles the scented ones on the side.

I will be handing out a form for the parents that they need to fill where the parent will mention her kids weakness and strengths and things she thinks she can work on.

Click here to get the form: conference form

and here is another thing i want hand out it’s for parents in helping them turn their words in to gold you will know what i am talking about if you click here:

words to gold


exercise 2

This is not my classroom, just an example



We start class at 7:35 am but we go to class at 7:25 so we have 10 minutes to do our morning daily routines.

However, I have added another thing to our daily routine which is exercising. Every morning we exercise for 2 minutes mainly focusing on breathing. First we breathe 3 times then we shake our arms and legs. After we stretch our arms and move our shoulders in a circle. Finally, we breathe again for 3 times. I usually put music while we are exerising . Sometimes I put “Silence of Peace” by John Levin, the alpha waves music that i mentioned in one of my previous posts, or i just put any soft and relaxing music.

 You can’t believe how important this breathing and stretching exercise is to these kids. It gives them energy and puts them into a relaxation mood. It is actually great for both teachers and students.  Try it tomorrow! You will love it 🙂

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