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Sleeping on the job: Baby Vittoria dozes while her MEP mother Licia Ronzulli votes!

Licia Ronzulli, 35, said she and Vittoria were campaigning for the better treatment of mothers who work but do not have the benefits that come with the European Parliament, with its creche and generous allowances.

“I am here symbolically with my daughter Vittoria to highlight all the women who cannot easily reconcile pregnancy and work, their professional life and their family life,” said Ms Ronzulli, an MEP from Silvio Berlusconi‘s People of Freedom movement.

“I want the European institutions to be more engaged on this subject, starting with the European Parliament, so that everyone is better able to lead these two lives together.”

“She is not asking for more maternity leave or something like that – she was back after one month – she is asking for society to rethink the role of women that want to have a child but sometimes have to choose between children and a job,” said Ms Ronzulli’s assistant.

Saw this Article at Frankom’s Blog


Stepping away from the traditional Birthdays, this year I wanted to do something special!

I wanted to give away free hugs because i wanted to spread happiness! And it worked.

My bestfriend and I wore T-shirts and gave away free hugs to people we didn’t know. It is a random act of kindness and a selfless act just to make others feel better. Smiles filled the streets of Beirut and that was our goal! To love each other, to spread happiness and smiles is what this world needs!

International Free Hug day is usually on the 3rd of July, but you can do it anytime you want! It was truly one of the best nights of my life!

Watch this Video of the guy who started this campaign it is very touching that it almost got me into tears.

Frankly, I’m not a morning person! But for the first time in my life I was actually looking forward to the drive on my way to work, I mean who wouldn’t! The scenery that was surrounding me was breathtaking….simply amazing! Imagine my school is up there between those houses on the mountain…. It’s a 40 minute drive from my home but definitely worth it…

Everyone was so friendly and i got to see my classroom! It was so cute i’ll be taking pictures next week for sure when I start working on it.

Mornings are very important so we can have a fresh start of the day!

To have a great and relaxing  morning this is what you should do:

– Sleep early

– wake up and stretch a bit

– Have breakfast and coffee

– Put soft music in your car on your way to work. Sometimes I like to listen to the morning shows on the radio so I can be updated about the news, weather, events, and the gossips 🙂

And then your set for the day! Remember always stay positive !

It’s the most unhappy people who most fear change.  ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic’s Notebook, 1966

The countdown ends!!

Tomorrow I start my first day at a new school! I am so excited to have a fresh start, to meet new people, new parents, new students, and new colleagues!

Sometimes Change is good!

Actually, change is always good because that is the nature of our reality.

I did not only change my job but i am also taking care of my health by going to the gym daily and eating healthy food! Having a healthy lifestyle is definitely the best change you can do!

This post reminds of the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert where she was seeking self discovery and a change in her life. By the way i’m still waiting for the movie to come out so I can watch it!!

Anyway so what i’m saying is if you are tired of routine, have been feeling down or something in your life is just not right then change is the answer. Try something new and don’t be afraid!

Wish me luck on my new job looking forward to sharing posts about my new school starting……Tomorrow 😀

Good night!

Miss Farah


My room in the mountains

My bedroom in the mountains is pink and I love it but the one in the city  hasn’t been changed for like 10 years now, I wasn’t really taking care of it because I was outside the country but now that I’m back i felt it needed some renovation like new bedsheets and a new layout!

I’m gonna use feng shui for help and request your opinion  as well. The most thing I’m focusing on is the color.

In feng shui the color

Pink is considered to be one of the best colors for the bedroom because it is the color associated with relationships. Pink is also thought of as an auspicious color combining the fire/ passion of red and the metal element of white. Pink represents love and pure feelings of joy, happiness, and romance.
Light blues and light greens are positive colors for a bedroom as well as small accent colors of red.
 Green represents tranquility, hope and freshness as seen in spring growth or that of a new plant or leaf.
The color peach aligns with “Peach Blossom Luck,” which represents attraction and love. A person that is single with peach blossom luck will be outgoing, social, make new friends and have numerous admirers. However, once married, consider painting the bedroom a different color as it can lead to adultery.
Ken Lauher typically doesn’t recommend chocolate brown in the bedroom as it can give a heavy feeling. Some believe that it can be used to create a stable, established impression, I equate it to autumn, when leaves turn brown and fall to the ground.
Many Chinese stay away from having white blankets on their beds because it is similar to the shroud that covers the dead and fear sleep will seem like death. Although, plain white sheets or white sheets with flowers or colorful designs are fine.


The use of pink or red sheets and blankets are used by those seeking to get married or by newlyweds to ensure wedding bliss.

So now that I got the whole idea about what each color stands for and knowing that pink is the best color for a bedroom i’m going to focus on that!…. Pink it is!!

A few days ago I learned about a new blog called  Un Peu De Kil Shi which means ” A little bit of everything”.

The blogger is an interior architect. This blog is a resource for inspiration and ideas  to use in your surroundings to enhance your world!

This blog is a resource yet a fun approach to everything related to interior design, furniture, and all other items that contribute to making our life more beautiful. Posts related to food & well being as part of this enhancement will be posted as well.

There will be regular and organized posts by day of the week to encounter issues such as green architecture and design, designers from around the world, tips for designing, inquiry section, even daily life enjoyments such as food and its presentation.

You can visit the blog here: Un Peu De Kil Shi

I was watching Jessica Simpson’s show “The Price of Beauty” they were on a tour to India one of the most spiritual countries and they tried Laughter Yoga… I never heard of  laughter yoga before. It’s a therapy filled with laughter.

First you have to be with a group of people and then you start saying :

Ho HO HA HA several times then unconsciously you start laughing.

Then you do some breathing exercises

Then you observe silence until you burst into laughter.

It’s amazing! After all laughter is the medicine right??

Laughter makes you feel good. And the good feeling that you get when you laugh remains with you even after the laughter subsides. Humor helps you keep a positive, optimistic outlook through difficult situations, disappointments, and loss.

  • Laughter dissolves distressing emotions. You can’t feel anxious, angry, or sad when you’re laughing.
  • Laughter helps you relax and recharge. It reduces stress and increases energy, enabling you to stay focused and accomplish more.
  • Humor shifts perspective, allowing you to see situations in a more realistic, less threatening light. A humorous perspective creates psychological distance, which can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed.

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