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This is a teacher punishing his students for not cutting their finger nails!. What the…

Could this be any more abusive and wrong???? I didn’t even know stuff like that exist! It’s a shame…


My students left me a cute note on the whiteboard. Thank you girls I love you more! and you are the most adorable fans!


 Everyday I check my students’ lunch bags to see if they brought healthy food or not. But i noticed one specific lunch box that I felt I wanted to share with you. It was Nadia’s Lunchbox. She had Omelet, Mixed Vegetable salad, Slice of cheese, and sliced orange. I just loved how they were put and divided. Good Job Nadia!

Ok it is true I am a teacher and students have this image of teachers that they loved school well it’s not true I actually hated it! I especially hated chemistry classes because the teacher was just vicious!! Teachers have  a very important role in making you love a subject or hate it! I used to hate school because of the waking up early and I’m not a morning person at all! Although I still do wake up early and for the record I wake up at 5:30 am everyday….yesss that’s the story of my life! Anyway kids dislike school for many reasons:

They are either bullied and someone is bothering them

– They might feel different or worry that you don’t have enough friends

– Sometimes it’s a problem with their classes and schoolwork.

– Or maybe the work is too hard, or they don’t feel as smart as the other kids

– They may be getting farther and farther behind, and it may seem like they’ll never catch up

Parents if you notice this problem with your kid always talk about it to the teacher or the school counselor to let them find out what the problem is.It’s especially important to tell an adult if the problem is that you’re being bullied or someone hurts you physically.

Special help is available if they need it. Try not to let the problems go on too long. It’s easier to catch up on one chapter than the whole book!

Today is the 100th day of school and this is how we celebrate it…. We did many activities, like staying silent for a 100 seconds, Exercising 100 times, writing 100 words, etc…

We also did 100th day crowns and face painting… Take a look 🙂

Happy 100th day crown

The ten ways we are going to exercise to reach 100 times

Here the kids are doing push ups 🙂

Here I placed snacks on the carpet. They had to count while putting each food item in their bag to reach 100!

counting and placing them in the bag

Write 100 words

If I were a 100 years old I would look like this.....I chose this one because I found it cute 🙂

Every week we have a new reading lesson. Teaching reading is a hard task especially for students whose English is a second Language.What I do is the following:

Before I read I open to the cover of the story and ask them to predict what the story is about then when we read it they will check if their predictions were correct.

1. I read the story and discuss the illustrations.

2. I read it another time without explanations this time.

3. I write the title of the story, author, and illustrator on the board and the high frequency words. I explain the meaning of the words and we try to put them into sentences. (Many activities will be done afterwards concerning the high frequency words).

4. Student follows with his/her finger as I read. 

Student following as I read with her finger

7. When we turn to the next page I ring the bell.

6. Then we have CHORAL READING: meaning we read all together and we clap our hands when they read one of the high frequency words which is also a very good strategy to recognize the words in sentences.

Here the students clap when they read the word that is highlited in yellow. (high frequency words)

7. After we are done, we have PAIR READING. Meaning students next to each other will pair up and each will read a page. Students here tend to correct for their classmates which is a great thing.


I was walking around the playground today and noticed alot of girls eating healthy food and that’s because of the encouragement of teachers and the parents. I hope it will even get better.A healthy balance of foods provides the energy and nourishment everyone needs to survive and to enjoy life.I was happy to see that although there were still a few who were having chips and junk food. uh oh…took some photos check them out:

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