Miss Farah

About Miss Farah


My name is Miss Farah and I am a teacher. I wanted to start blogging because there is so much information that I come across that  I would like to share with you.

I am a 26 year old American/Lebanese teacher currently living in Kuwait. I studied English language and got an elementary teaching diploma at the Lebanese American University. I have been in the teaching profession for over 8 years now.

What is my blog about?

My blog talks about my daily life as a teacher. I will be sharing new teaching methods and talk about my style of teaching. I will also give parenting advice, encourage positivity, self development, and health and nutrition.

My students are my inspiration. They are the ones inspiring me to write to you. They are the ones who show me a different perspective of life. My students are my best friends. Every year I teach around  24 students. So I make 24 new bestfriends yearly. Every student as an individual has something to show me and to inspire me. I teach them  and they teach me.

I hope Miss Farah’s blog will entertain you, help you, and inspire you.


Miss Farah


17 Responses to "About Miss Farah"

Good Luck Miss Farah, my daughter salma can’t stop talking about you and your class. You’re doing a very good job. Thank you !

Good luck farah. Nice blog to start with. My son jad is always excited and keeps talking about you and how you treat them in class! best of luck and Thanks You 😀

Miss Farah, you have no idea how relieved i was when i saw this blog. You made me realize that teachers who worry about the future of our children still exist, and sadly most of them only care about their paychecks at the end of the month..
I’m looking forward to seeing more of these blogs, so that my wife and i will always be updated on the atmosphere in your classes…
Moreover, i am sure that your tips will be useful to other teachers so that they will hopefully reach your calibre which is not only an instructor but also as a mentor to todays youth.
My daughter Maya always speaks highly of you..
Thank you and good luck!

Dear Miss Farah,

My twins and I were thrilled to know you’re strating your blog!

The twins ( dana and Lilas) love you soooo much and keep talking about you : Miss Farah did this and explained that…

We’re looking forward to hear about our daily news, how my kids are acting in class and what we can do to make this year an exciting year for our children.

All the best!!! always…

Dear Miss Farah,

Myself and my wife are absolutely loving your enthusiasm and your fresh approach to the school year.

Our little man doesn’t stop talking about you and what he is learning in your classes. It really is reassuring to us that there are teachers who are willing to try different things to keep the interest of our kids in learning and development, and to encourage them to be creative every day.

We look forward to reading more of your blogs.

Thank you we appreciate your efforts.

good luck dear

Thank you everyone for your kind words! 🙂

Inshha Allah,Look forwad always….. 1 day u got the right things.
Good luck farah.

Thank you 🙂

Dear Miss Farah,

First, let me tell you that i am realy proud to have a friend such as you and i am sure that you’re doing a very good job as a teacher.

Wish you all the best and get what you really deserve.

nice blog, keep it up. Looking forward to read more about your efforts.

Best Luck,

Miss Farah, my son jad can’t stop talking about you Good Luck

nice blog! as a newly teacher, I will gain more information here! thanks for your blog !

Regards from Jakarta, Indonesia

Your welcome Grace if you have any ideas or thoughts please share them thank you

good luck miss farah i miss you very very much

I miss you too :*

Dear Miss Farah,

I am so glad you created this blog for the public expecially for childeren. I am sure you know that i am one of your fans, inshallah after i get kids i will make sure that you will be the first to start teaching them.

Best of luck, your friend Khaldoun……

Hey Khaldoun, I’m so glad you like my blog, and I’ll be more than glad to teach your children 🙂

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