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Stepping away from the traditional Birthdays, this year I wanted to do something special!

I wanted to give away free hugs because i wanted to spread happiness! And it worked.

My bestfriend and I wore T-shirts and gave away free hugs to people we didn’t know. It is a random act of kindness and a selfless act just to make others feel better. Smiles filled the streets of Beirut and that was our goal! To love each other, to spread happiness and smiles is what this world needs!

International Free Hug day is usually on the 3rd of July, but you can do it anytime you want! It was truly one of the best nights of my life!

Watch this Video of the guy who started this campaign it is very touching that it almost got me into tears.


I want to dedicate this post to my Daddy. I love this picture because i was so emotional that day. That’s when dad got me my new car :)….

Today is such a special day, it is a day to remember everything you have done and taught me.  You guided me my entire life. I am blessed to be your daughter. I love you!


When I read the title of the book, it got to my attention because I don’t know much about the Saudi society especially that it’s about the Girls of Riyadh. I only hear about them but I don’t know much in depth. This novel says it all…

Gamrah’s faith in her new husband is not exactly returned… Sadeem is a little too willing to please her fiance’..Michelle is half American and the wrong class for her boyfriend’s family…Lamees works hard with little time for love.

” The girls of Riyadh are young,  attractive and living by Saudi Arabia’s strict cultural traditions. Well, not quite. In between sneaking out behind their parents’ backs, dating shopping, watching American TV and having fun, they’re still trying to be good little Muslim girls. That is, pleasing their families and their men.

But can you be twenty first century girl AND a Saudi girl?

This is a novel that captures it all…a revealing study of one of the world’s most secretive socieities.

You can find this novel at Virgin Megastore.

I received a special gift today from my student Mariam…Thank you Mariam I looooooooooooooooove it! Im gonna wear it everyday 😀

To the left:Fudha 7yrs… To the right: Abdullatif 10 yrs

To the left: Mishari 3yrs...To the right: Fares 2 yrs

 Her 4 children!
Miss Farah interviews a parent from her class: Mrs. May Al Sabih
Miss Farah: How many children do you have?
Parent: I have 4 children. 3 boys and 1 girl. I thank God everyday for the precious gift he gave me.
Miss Farah: Do you work?
Parent: Yes I do, I work in Kuwait Fund in the accounting department.
Miss Farah: Oh, so you are a working mother!
Parent: Yes I am 😦 …if not you would be seeing me everyday picking up or dropping my children to school.
Miss Farah: Do you help them with homework?
Parent: Yes I do, I help Abdul Latif the most, because he needs more help than Fudha does. Fudha does everything by herself. I am doing my best to help but thank God for everything.
Miss Farah: Do you cook? Who helps you with your children if you’re busy?
Parent: I have 2 nannies and a cook. I live with my mother and father in law.
Miss Farah:  What time do you get home after work? Do you spend enough time with your children?
Parent: I work from 7:30 am till 1:00 pm. I spend time with them after school till 7 pm and we have dinner together. After that I sometimes go to my mother’s house or watch television. I love watching TV 🙂 During weekends
Miss Farah: Are you satisfied with your children’s teachers for this year?
Parent: Abdul Latif’s teacher is a male teacher and he is not strict and firm with his students. I prefer a female teacher because they are more friendly and caring. I pray all the time to get a good teacher for next year, because teachers make your life easy or hard! Really! Men don’t care. Men are men…they never change 😀
Miss Farah: hahaha…I agree to that one…What are your final words?
Parent: Thank you for your hard work this year…Fudha loves school and it’s easy to see why. She enjoys being in your class. It meant so much to her and to me. Thank you dear!
Miss Farah: Thank you so much for your kind words. Well I loved and enjoyed talking to you, I wish you patience and a stress-free life. God bless your children and your family. I enjoyed having your daughter in my class for this year, I am sure they make you proud. 🙂

For anyone who would like to have a private chat with me just check the right side bar of the blog, type a nickname and if  I’m online I would be more than glad to talk to you!  Let’s Chat!!!

It’s story telling time!! Everytime we have extra minutes of class time we make use of it and go to the carpet. I grab a book of their choice and read to them.

Children love stories, and you can be one of the beloved people in their lives who tell stories in a manner that will keep them coming back for more. It is a matter of using body language, and words, adding actions, and knowing when to pause to let the suspense build. Even when a child has heard the story before, you can keep them wondering if the story will change.

But how do I tell stories?…As you can see all the students’ eyes are on the book. There are techniques in reading stories well to children to be able to grab their attention.

First I read the title of the story and the author.

Second I always make sure that everyone can see the illustrations of the story.

Also I vary my voice tone according to the characters.

I use a lot of body language and act out the words.

The tempo of my words get faster when there is something exciting and slower for the dramatic parts. Volume to add to the excitement of the story.

I also involove the children and ask them questions, sometimes I have them predict of what might come next…

Hope this was helpful!

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