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Today I was in Art class and I noticed a cactus plant in the balcony. I used to hear this myth that cactus plants are bad to be replaced in the house or or somewhere near you. Is this true? Actually it’s the exact opposite.  Cactus plants according to feng shui studies  are used for protection.

There are a couple of different uses for cacti in Feng Shui. One is to offer protection and security in your home or office which is what we will address in this article. Another use is to shift a stressful energetic experience of another person to something more comfortable. View ‘Cactus as Energy Shifter’ for that information.

Cactus plants can be placed in bathrooms to counter bad chi/energies.

–  It is also very good as a cure for any bathroom afflictions that you may encounter in your home. For example, if there is bathroom located in the North sector of your home, as the North sector represents your Career or Business, the bathroom situated there will have adverse effects on your job or business. By putting the cactus plant there, the bathroom’s energies are neutralised

– Best location is where there is plenty of sunlight in the bathroom. If no sunlight in the bathroom – get 2 cactus plants – place one in the sunlight – one in the bathroom – every few weeks exchange the cactus between the bathroom and the sunlight one.

–  At any time if the cactus is weakened – change to a new one and dispose the old one into the dustbin outside your house.

– There is no time and date restriction for this placement.

–  Size – about 1 inch – any shape – any color.


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